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Vintage wooden asian side table platform.

Mid 19th Century Chinese Low Kang Table

This mid 19th century Chinese low kang table is a stunning piece of furniture that is sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it. Crafted from Chinese elm and...
Vintage black asian console table with carved details

Mid 20th Century Black Laquear Chinese Altar Table

Mid 20th Century Chinese altar table from the Shanxi province, an impressive altar table due to its size. All four legs are fluted, two stretchers at either end making it...
Vintage wooden asian cabinet with red lacquer and silver paint

Chinese Tabletop Lacquered Altar Table With Single Draw

This low altar table is most likely from the Shanxi area, North East China.  We think it could've been slightly taller and sat up on the Kang. We've done quite...
Vintage wooden asian sideboard in original condition

Chinese Elm Three Draw Console Table - 19th Century

This beautiful elm console table is just stunning, most likely from the Shanxi area, it is a fine example of a 19th Century console table.  The metal work comprises of...
Vintage wooden 19th century lacquered table with lattice shelf

Chinese Hall Table With Lattice Shelf - Late Qing Dynasty

This double drawer Chinese hall table is elegant and practical. Its made from elm with original black lacquer, and beautifully detailed original brass fittings. This rare piece also has a...
Vintage wooden 19th century square qing dynasty coffee table

The Heise (black) Qing Dynasty Coffee Table - 19th Century

This hardwood Qing Dynasty square table, c.1850's, would have been used as a general purpose table on top of the kang (a heated platform that formed the main living area...
Vintage chinese red small coffee table with draw

Chinese Low Lacquered Table With A Single Drawer

Introducing a remarkable piece of furniture from the 20th century, the Chinese Low Lacquered Table with a Single Drawer. Meticulously restored to its former glory, this stunning table showcases the...
Vintage handmade wooden coffee table grinding table

19th Century Tribal Nagaland Grinding Table

This exquisite teak grinding table hails from the Nagaland region of India and dates back to the 19th century. Skilfully hand-carved from a single piece of solid teak wood, it...
Vintage asian painted console table

Chinese Three Draw Wine Table In Original Paint

This magnificent early 19th century Chinese Three Draw Wine Table from Shanxi province is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship of China. Measuring 100cm in length,...
Rustic Wooden Low Bench Sideboard cabinet

Chinese Elm Console Table (W-164.5cm)

This mid-19th century Chinese Elm console table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines both elegance and practicality. Originally designed to be used as a working table in the...
Rustic Wooden Low Bench Sideboard cabinet

Chinese Elm Console Table (W-113cm)

Here's another lovely Chinese Elm wood coffee table. This table will have most likely to have been used at stalls in markets as cutting boards/tables by food sellers, as you...
Rustic Wooden Low Bench Sideboard cabinet

Mid 19th Century Chinese Elm School Desk (W-106cm)

This mid-19th century Chinese Elm School Desk is a charming and unique piece of furniture that exudes character and history. Though it has suffered some damage over the years, it...