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Vintage handmade asian cabinet with locking plate

19th Century Korean Bandaji Chest With Fitted Interior

This 19th Century Korean Bandaji chest, of Joseon Dynasty, is in stunning condition, with all the original ironwork, lacquer and lock. The ironwork has been carved extremely intricately with patterns...
Vintage asian handmade painted trunk with brass lock

19th Century Black Lacquered Chinese Trunk With Painted Details

This mid 19th Century black lacquered trunk is a stunning piece of furniture. Complete with its stunning locking plan and original gold painted details. It has a timeless appeal that...
Vintage asian elm cabinet with painted details and brass ironwork

19th Century Burgundy Lacquered Elm Sideboard From Shandong

This 19th Century Chinese sideboard originated from the Shandong area in North China. Its very typical of the Ming Dynasty style, made from elm and with the original circular and...
Vintage handmade asian wooden cabinet with painted details

Red Lacquer Chinese Sideboard From Shanxi - 18th Century

A well presented example of an early 18th Century Qing Dynasty sideboard, from the Shanxi area of Northern China.  This red lacquered sideboard would probably have been used as an...
Vintage wooden handmade chinese lacquered storage cabinet

19th Century Chinese Prayer cabinet

This stunning example of a 19th century tall elm prayer cabinet. The unusual design with an enclosed top and the removeable front panel. The incredible detailed polychromed fretwork that surrounds this...
Vintage wooden handmade asian low storage cabinet

19th Century Lacquer Kang Cabinet From Tianjin

Transport yourself to the opulent grandeur of mid-19th-century China with this extraordinary low Chinese Kang cabinet. Hailing from the classical Tianjin area, this exquisite piece is a testament to the...
Vintage wooden chinese wedding cabinet from shandong

19th Century Chinese Red Elm Taper Cabinet From Shandong

The 19th Century Chinese Red Elm Taper Cabinet from Shandong in China is a remarkable piece of furniture that exudes elegance and style. The cabinet is made of high-quality red...
Vintage wooden painted 2 door asian cabinet

Highly Painted Tibetan Butter Lamp Cabinet Mid 19th Century

A Tibetan ritual butter lamp cabinet is a beautiful and ornate piece of furniture used for displaying and storing traditional butter lamps used in religious ceremonies. This particular cabinet is...
Vintage gold lacquered small draw unit 19th century

Black Lacquered And Gold Gilded Japanese Chest

 This Japanese Meiji period storage cabinet is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, with intricate gold painted details on a black lacquered surface. Despite its past use as a workshop storage...
Vintage 19th century wooden elm painted cabinet

19th Century Chinese Shanxi Opera Chest (1)

This antique painted Chinese elm trunk is known as an opera chest and originates from the Shanxi province and dates from the mid 19th century. The classic style was used...
1890’s vintage elm cupboard with painted design

Antique Chinese Elm Small Brightly Painted Cabinet

Here we have a lovely large antique Chinese elm cabinet. Which was originally made over 100 years ago but has undergone restoration and some modifications to bring it to it's...
Vintage asian wooden black cabinet

19th Century Chinese Black Cabinet

Here we have a stunning piece of 19th century Chinese furniture with an original ebonise black paint coating. The panels next to the doors have been modified to be opened....