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Vintage Recycled Metal Hanging Plant Pots

Vintage Recycled Metal Hanging Plant Pots

Here we have a reclaimed metal hanging plant pot. These wall hanging planters are made from old metal buckets.  They have a really good vintage look about them. Each of these...
Vintage Large Metal Buckets

Extra Large Metal Buckets

Here we have a vintage large metal buckets. These items make amazing planters! Or just storage boxes around the home. I use one beside by wood burning stove to hold...
Antique asian decorative Metal Buckets

Vintage Indian Metal Water Pots

Here we have a Indian metal water pot  These water pots make amazing decorative items around the home or make great planters. I have even had a customer who turned...
Metal Tub Planter With Wooden Handle

Metal Tub Planter With Wooden Handle

Here we have a selection of vintage metal buckets with wooden handles. Lovely rustic patina with hand-turned handle, these buckets would be perfect as planters, log baskets or even ice...
Vintage blue and white enamel planters

Reclaimed Vintage White And Blue Enamel Mugs

The Reclaimed Vintage White and Blue Enamel Mugs are a charming addition to any home décor. These mugs have been repurposed as planters or storage containers and can be used...
Vintage metal planter with handles

Medium Vintage Twin Handle Tub Planter

This metal tub planter is a unique and sustainable choice, handcrafted from reclaimed materials in India. The tub's eco-friendly construction makes it an excellent choice for conscious consumers who want...
Vintage green metal bucket plant pot

Large Metal Reclaimed Green Buckets

Here we have a Vintage Metal Reclaimed Green Bucket. These buckets are made from reclaimed materials and each have there own unique style and are all fitted with a metal handle....
Vintage metal reclaimed planter

Large Rustic Metal Planter With Handle

These large planters are a perfect addition to your home or garden. They work really well as a fire wood storage, or a pair a pair planted up would look...