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Vintage Large Metal Buckets

Extra Large Metal Buckets

Here we have a vintage large metal buckets. These items make amazing planters! Or just storage boxes around the home. I use one beside by wood burning stove to hold...
Small Riveted Metal Indian Grain Measures

Small Riveted Metal Indian Grain Measures

Here we have a small riveted metal Indian grain measures These are lovely items! Work really well for bars or cafés to store cutlery in. Also make great little planters which can...
Antique asian decorative Metal Buckets

Vintage Indian Metal Water Pots

Here we have a Indian metal water pot  These water pots make amazing decorative items around the home or make great planters. I have even had a customer who turned...
Vintage light blue enamel asian army container

WW1 British Blue Enamel Military Canteen

These stunning blue enamel military canteen are the perfect addition to your home to use as a little bud vase. Even if your not a military collector, the bright blue...
Vintage metal white indian garden trays

Large Metal Enamel Flat Serving Tray

 These lovely large enamel trays have endless uses from a serving tray in your home to a water dish for your plants. These items have been handmade and used in India so...
Vintage asian serving trays made from recycled materials

Large Metal Flat Serving Tray With Patterned Top

These large flat metal serving trays originally come from India. I believe they where originally used as cooking trays due to the pattern on the top. Nowadays these trays are...
Vintage blue and white enamel planters

Reclaimed Vintage White And Blue Enamel Mugs

The Reclaimed Vintage White and Blue Enamel Mugs are a charming addition to any home décor. These mugs have been repurposed as planters or storage containers and can be used...
Vintage metal planter with handles

Medium Vintage Twin Handle Tub Planter

This metal tub planter is a unique and sustainable choice, handcrafted from reclaimed materials in India. The tub's eco-friendly construction makes it an excellent choice for conscious consumers who want...
Vintage asian  handmade metal pot planter

Late 19th Century Heavy Indian Rustic Water Pots

These lovely metal pots originally come from India and would of been used for the collection of water. There small size makes them easy to carry around, these examples date...